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    Attorney Eric Torberson Testimonials

    William’s Testimonial

    Light in a tunnel- When someone runs afoul of the legal system, the number of questions outnumber the number of answers. Eric was referred to our family, and from the moment he answered the phone, we felt as if all issues would be addressed without feeling like we were in a realm reserved for lawyers. It was wonderful to get to work with such a fine Christian gentleman, who acknowledged our needs and situation. I appreciate his work on our behalf. WILLIAM

    Ashley’s Testimonial

    In the end I can start off New because of you, Eric Torberson. Eric Torberson was my attorney, he had helped me finally get my case dismissed which is now going to better my future I couldn't have did it without him he didn't lose faith in me and he handled what he needed to do and gave me guidelines to follow and I'm sincerely thankful for his help. He's a wonderful devoted man in his work and has lifted a weight that was heavy on my shoulders for a while and now I can finally move forward and do what I need to for my kids and myself! ASHLEY

    K’s Testimonial

    Very Grateful Mr. Torberson was knowledgeable of my type of case and informed me of what he could do and not do and followed through with what he said he would do. He informed me of every important date with plenty of lead time and always appeared in court when he needed to personally (did not send a substitute attorney). I’m very happy with his expertise as an attorney and will highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal help. K

    Ben’s Testimonial

    Eric Torberson is the lawer you should retain Hey Eric just wanted to say thanks for a outstanding job over the last four years. You have gotten both of my dwi dismissed you took care of both cases in a very professional way. I highly recumend you to all who may read this and to my friends and family as well thanks again Eric for a job well done.

    The Lawyer You Can Count On

    A 2015 photo of Eric Torberson testifying in the Texas Senate for due process rights.

    Integrity and Professionalism

  • Reliable
  • Compassionate
  • Determined
  • Loyal
  • Excellent Results
  • Eric Torberson teaching a class at a Austin Bar Association luncheon.

    Eric is a member of the National College For DUI Defense

    NCDD National College for DUI Defense: Eric  Torberson

    Trusted Legal Experience


    Integrity and Professionalism

      • Reliable
      • Compassionate
      • Determined
      • Loyal
      • Excellent Results

    I believe many do not appreciate our US Constitution and Bill of rights.

    The Bill of Rights enumerates freedoms not explicitly indicated in the main body of the Constitution, such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech, a free press, and free assembly; the right to keep and bear arms; freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, security in personal effects, and freedom from warrants issued without probable cause; indictment by a grand jury for any capital or “infamous crime”; guarantee of a speedy, public trial with an impartial jury; and prohibition of double jeopardy. In addition, the Bill of Rights reserves for the people any rights not specifically mentioned in the Constitution and reserves all powers not specifically granted to the federal government to the people or the States.

    • All Misdemeanor Cases
    • All Felony Case
    • DWI/DUI
    • Assault
    • Domestic Violence
    • Marijuana Possession
    • Cocaine Possession
    • Drug Possession
    • Arson
    • Robbery
    • Burglary
    • Fraud/Forgery
    • Sex Crimes
    • Juvenile Defense
    • Weapons Charges
    • Criminal Mischief
    • Theft/Shoplifting
    • Evading Arrest
    • Expunctions/Non-Disclosures
    • Probation and Sentencing
    • Possession of Marijuana
    • Driving With An Expired or Suspended License
    • Possession of Controlled Substance (PCS)
    • Possession of Dangerous Drug (PDD)
    • Murder
    • Immigration Consequences for Non US Citizens


    1. Once someone is arrested, bonding out of jail is the next step.  Enter your information to the right or call 512-340-7300 to get more information.  If your loved one calls, DO NOT ASK YOUR LOVED ONE ANY DETAILS ABOUT THEIR ARREST WHILE THEY ARE ON THE JAIL PHONE!! THEY RECORD EVERY SINGLE PHONE CALL AT THE JAIL!!!
    2. After bonding out of jail it is time to make a plan. It is best to sit down in person with me for the plan.  Initially by phone we can talk about an overview of the events. Then we schedule an appointment.
    3. For our interview you need to gather all documents and information in order to cover the important details.  For DWI/DUI cases this means driver’s license paperwork.
    4. It is difficult to predict with complete certainty how each case will proceed. I like to take the known facts to give scenarios of outcomes. I DO NOT over-promise to get a client to hire me.  Honesty and Integrity are firm policies when I deal with my clients and prospective clients.
    5. So now take the next step and enter your information in the form on the right side of this page


    It is no surprise that a criminal charge will affect your family, friends, career, and most especially a bright future if you are arrested. Whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony criminal charge, both are serious. If you are charged with any criminal matter and arrested in Austin or surrounding areas, the wisest  thing that you can do is to contact an Austin criminal defense lawyer.


    I am a criminal defense attorney with several years of experience. I have represented many people who thought they were ruined. I enjoy persevering with my courtroom experience and knowledge, getting a client their life back.


    DO NOT be distracted or paralyzed by excessive fear, stress, depression, and uncertainties. Call me to get help to set the plan in motion for your resolution. Make an appointment with me and be ready to embrace a new beginning.


    Defense Attorney and Marine Corps Veteran Eric Torberson is ready to help you.

     NCDD National College for DUI Defense: Eric  Torberson


    All Felony and Misdemeanor Cases Handled