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Lockhart Texas is located in Caldwell County, Texas. Many people traveling may need to speak to a Caldwell County Tx Defense Lawyer from time to time. With all the traffic flowing through on the roads there are quite a few accidents. However, even if you do not have an accident you might be stopped by law enforcement for one thing or another. The 130 Tollway goes through Caldwell County. It has a very high speed limit of 85 miles per hour. There are fatalities from time to time on that and other roadways. Students travel through Lockhart and Caldwell County to and from universities around the area. Close universities are Texas State and University of Texas. Many people find that they need to speak with a Lockhart DWI Lawyer or Criminal Defense Attorney for an issue after being stopped or approached by the police. Many times it is for DWI since that is a common charge for people even after having very little to drink. Public or political pressure on law enforcement encourages charging someone who may not be guilty of anything. We just hope that the process is as honest as possible. That is when a competent and talented criminal defense lawyer comes in. We explain to our clients exactly how the process works each step of the way. We keep our clients informed with all new information in order that we can help the client make the best informed decision based on the evidence provided by the state. Our clients are always pleased with our results.

  • Common charges in court include but not limited to-
  • DWI
  • DUI
  • Possession of Drugs
  • Delivery of Drugs
  • Reckless Driving
  • Public Intoxication
  • Assault
  • Probation Violation
  • Driving While License Invalid
  • Road Rage
  • Leaving the Scene of an accident
  • All Misdemeanors
  • All Felonies

The list is just a few examples of recent cases handled by our firm. Be sure to call and make an appointment or enter your information in the form. Refer to our home page and other pages for more information to help you get back on track with a Lockhart Tx Criminal Defense Attorney.

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